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Jeanneau Yacht 51 to 64

 Flagships of the Jeanneau Yacht Range. 

Step aboard, you will be amazed to be surrounded by such luxury and elegance afforded to the Jeanneau 51 54 58 and 64 Yachts . The Garroni interior Jeanneau 51 Yacht int1
design is intended to make living simple and luxurious. Yacht design from jeanneau is always done with careful thought for comfort and style forefront in the mind of this dedicated team of craftsmen.

Jeanneau 57 YachtThe hull of the yacht comes from the award winning Philippe Briand. A long waterline and careful weight distribution ensures a fabulous turn of speed, even in light airs.

Built to exceed international standards using state of the art facilities in construction Jeanneau Yachts have once again pushed the boat building and production boundary forward to make this flagship range of sailboat masterpieces.

Here you will see the development of new standards of luxury and design from the Jeanneau production teams, starting with the 51 Yacht.

The concept of seaworthiness, style, comfort and performance are taken to even greater heights in this new range of large yachts. With the larger size comes the ability for greater flexibility and innovation for interior design options. More, even larger models are planned for the future, so keep a look out on our website for developments in this exciting  yacht range.

If your planning to take off and cruise the world what better yacht to choose as your platform to do it on? A Jeanneau Yacht will keep you and your crew safe in the most testing conditions. You will have the accommodation needed to feel like you’re at home, arriving in style, whatever your port of cal, the Jeanneau Yachts range are head turners so be prepared to be noticed when you arrive.

 A Factory Visit

Jeanneau Factory moulding 1Buying a new yacht of such as a 51 or bigger, is for most a major purchase. Unless you don’t intend to travel far in her then a factory visit to understand the complexity of the yacht is in our opinion essential. Visiting the Jeanneau factory you will be able to see many boats and understand the principle of yacht and boat construction. As you sail this knowledge will be a valuable asset, not only in helping you understand any problems that may arrise but it will help you form a balance view on the capability of your yacht. Many owners underestimate the strength of boats and yachts, it has sometimes led to them making a decision simply because they don’t understand fully the boats capability. That lack of knowledge will be greatly improved by seeing the boat or yacht you eventually purchase in construction.

Deciding on a specification

As you get closer to ordering your new yacht the dealer will produce a list of optional extras. Some new owners have a great deal of experience in deciding which extras to order with a yacht. However the temptation may be to tick every box, thats not what we recommend. Take your time talk to your dealer and consider carefully what your plans are for sailing, and where your going to keep your yacht. A major concern is consideration towards cabin layout, its probably one of the few things that your yacht dealer isn’t going to be able to help your with and once you have made the choice, committing to build your stuck with it forever. For example if your chartering then you want the maximum number of cabins, where as is your sailing off into the sunset alone the multi cabin version isn’t going to work for you. If you purchace a yacht through NYB conwy we will be on hand to guid you through the process.

For all your Jeanneau Spare parts, please contact Yacht Chandlers Conwy.

Network Yacht Brokers Conwy has been trading for over 20 years. We own and operate the Yacht Brokerage at Conwy Marina in North Wales. We also  own and operate Yacht Chandlers Conwy, our Chandler shop has been in the marina since being opened by Mailspeed Marine over 20 years ago. Mail speed has moved on but Yacht Chandlers Conwy has been steadily growing and now has an online presence to equal any on line chandlers company in the UK. Supplied directly by many manufacturers because of our connections with new boats your will find our prices both online and in store very hard to beat.  Our new and used boat owners benefit from our yacht chandlers when purchasing either a new yacht or motor boa

Conwy Castle and riverHave you ever been to North Wales

If your new to boating or an old hand Wales can offer you fantastic boating and sight seeing opportunities. So why not take a look at Conwy in Conwy North Wales? Our marina is based on the Conwy River just a short distance from Conwy Castle. Its a magical place and a great place to visit.

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