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Welcome to our marine information page. It’s intended to be a source of information created by those of us who have many years knowledge and who currently work within the Marine Industry. It is by no means exhaustive and we will welcome suggestions relating to content from Boat Owners, Marine Company Boat Clubs or even water fronted Restaurant Owners who would like to be included in our  publication. We have broken down the various areas of the UK into regions in order to help navigation. No apologies for starting with North Wales as a point on the global map of the boating world

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Menai Straits

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North Wales

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  A Bit About The Marine Industry

Buying a boat and becoming an owner has changed over the years, just like buying a modern car. Technology has evolved this has allowed manufacturer of boats and yachts to produce products on a much greater scale. Up until the 2008 economic crash manufacturer such as Jeanneau/Beneteau would see boats leaving production lines many times a day. So great was the impact of new boats and yachts being built, demand for marina berthing was created. As marina’s filled and prices for berthing started to rise many new marina development projects were fulfilled. Ports that would once have been bursting with boats started to change and competition between marina operators had become quite intense. After the collapse of the industry many marinas have seen significant downturn in boat owners willing or able to pay to keep their boats in a marina. As we move towards the end of this decade all of us who are employed within the Marine industry will be hoping for a return to demand for boats and yachts as we had before the economic crash.

Getting Into Boating

Below are a few paragraphs that may help if you’re new to boating and have yet to decide what type of boat to buy and where to keep it.

A Marina Berth Or Swinging Mooring?

The difference in cost between a marina berth and a swinging mooring is often quite considerable. If you’re lucky enough to find a mooring with adequate water around it along with either a river taxi service a secure place to keep a dingy as a tender then I would certainly consider this over keeping a boat within a Marina. Providing the mooring is sheltered, a boat or yacht can swing easily into wind therefore keeping wind and chaffing damage to a minimum. The only problem is that if you have to start inflating a tender dingy in order to get out to your mooring, or wading through mud then its worth paying the extra for a convenient marina berth. Do try to avoid marinas with Tide Gates as this will seriously restrict you boating pleasure. We have Marinas with Tide Gates in Wales, I do remember when I was teaching sailing from Conwy Marina many years ago, a great deal of pleasure was gained by scrapingout  as the tide turned. Sadly now we need to wait until a couple of hours before High Water in order to get out of the Marina, that time is extended a little on Neap tides but even so its a restriction that plays havoc with most boats but especially small boats who could easily navigate a shallow Channel.


What sort of boat to buy?

Sail or Power would be the first desision a boat buyer would need to make. Our advice would be to carefully consider how much time you can set aside for a boating hobby. Some may find the choice between power or sail simple, however working through a simple time exercise could be a useful starting point if you’re undecided. Perhaps you are working hard and feel the need for a first boat just to escape from your daily routine. Something that will allow you to unwind when you can grab a few spare hours. If thats the case and you live no more than a couple of easy commuting hours away from your boat, then a power boat could be a quicker and better way of relaxing and getting out on the water than a sail boat. The point of asking this simple question is we have noticed a change in the industry towards different kinds of power boating. When questioned, buyers and owners who have needed to consider the time factor often say they are cash comfortable but time poor.

If you’re lucky enopugh to benefit from good health, have time on your hands and funds to put into a yacht, then don’t hesitate. Just get involved at what ever level you feel comfortable with. We are always happy to offer advice to beginners, we often spend many hours over a great number of years helping buyers to fulfil a life long dream. At NYB Conwy we don’t mind giving this advice freely as most of us remember how daunting it was buying a boat for the first time. Most would go for a modern production yacht but buyers needs and wishes are extremely varied. All are valid! This is what makes and keeps boating interesting to all those who get involved.



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