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Jeanneau Sun Odyssey DS

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Sun Odyssey DS ( Deck Saloon)

Jeanneau DS Yacht range – A sensation when introduced over 20 years ago. So what’s the difference between a Sun Odyssey DS and a conventional  Sun Odyssey Yacht?  Take a conventional Sun Odyssey Yacht, the coach roof is quite flat, most will agree a classic look, one that is timeless. Raise the roof and introduce large yacht windows. There you have it, the beginnings of a Sun Odyssey DS Yacht. However that’s just the beginning of the story, as by raising the deck this allows for a raised floor in the saloon, which gives much more under floor storage.

 Sun Odyssey DS sat on the swim platformThe Jeanneau 43 DS was one of the first Sun Odyssey DS Yachts of this type to be produced. It had so much storage space under the floor Jeanneau decided to fit the fuel tanks midships. This clever but simple change to the design, from a conventional Sun Odyssey Yacht was the beginning of an entire range of yachts. The 43 DS  is still one of the best sailing boats Jeanneau have ever produced.

From the 43 Deck Saloon a fine range of yachts have evolved.

The Jeanneau 43 DS was replaced by the Jeanneau 42 DS with the rest of the DS range following quickly . The large windows in the DS range made the yachts very popular for use in the Mediterranean where easy living and extra light below decks makes for a great party, or family boat.  Jeanneau aimed the DS Range at the two cabin yacht market In order to Set the DS range apart from the Sun Odyssey fleet.  This meant the Jeanneau Deck Saloon starting with the 42 DS had one of the biggest aft cabins available on the market. Jeanneau have since developed the range and have on offer a selection of cabins and layouts in all boats.

Add 360 docking system to a Yacht, it will exceeds your expectations.

What a fantastic Idea why didn’t Jeanneau introduce on all Sun Odyssey Yachts it years ago? So why has it taken so long to introduce 360 docking to ? Like every idea that appears to be a simple, the path to put that idea into action takes a great deal of research and development. The Idea of being able to create a system that would enable simple docking has been around for many years, however environment resistant computerised technology needed to catch up with the dreams of the designers.

For example just one of the issues the Sun Odyssey DS design team had to over come is as follows. It’s simple to make a motor run in any direction in a clean workshop using controls from a computer.  When the harsh marine environment is thrown into the mixing pot then it becomes very difficult to achieve constancy and reliability in this fairly simple process. Imagine what would happen in a crowded marina if your Sun Odyssey DS Sailboat suddenly did the opposite to what you asked it on the joystick? It would quite simply be a disaster.

Until now water resistant technology has not been available at an affordable price required to achieve the level of reliability required for the system. Jeanneau are delighted that their investment in time and research has blossomed into results, allowing a new generation of Yachting skippers the luxury of a stress free landing in a marina time after time.

With 360 Docking fitted to a Sun Odyssey DS sailboat, its like having a professional Skipper by your side every step of the way.

Many people who have busy lives dream about owning a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey DS. A yacht must be big enough for all the family and friends who will join you in your adventure on the water. You and your guests will  want to have a stress free experience with you at the helm of your yacht. Even if you have had hours of practice and have a powerful bow thruster fitted to your Sailboat there will be occasions when you just wish you could go sideways a foot or two. Or perhaps hold your position with absolute accuracy in almost all weather conditions. Many people spend a season out and about on their boat and loose the skill required to park in a congested marina over the winter lay-up. With 360 Docking  fitted to a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey DS Yacht you can feel confident and relaxed coming into your berth, even if you hardly ever bother with marina berthing.

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