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Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 349

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  Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 349

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 349


At first glance the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 349 suggests a very innovative concept. Put simply its one of the most futuristic designs ever produced by Marc Lombard and the Jeanneau Team.

The Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 349 will captivate you with her pure lines, generous interior volume and her large inviting cockpit. A perfect combination of performance, comfort and safety at sea, she is as we say “a sailors yacht”. Whether you are in the cockpit or enjoying the helm at anchorage or under-way, we are sure you will enjoy this seaworthy stable and very easy-to-handle Yacht.price-button-red

Time to escape from the everyday?

Step on board the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 349, savour the pleasures of cruising with family and friends. Aboard you will instantly appreciate the detailed forethought and manufacturing evolution that has gone into building this yacht.

The Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 349 is available in a two or three cabin layout. In either layout she provides a modern spacious saloon that includes an extremely functional, yet traditional yacht galley.  High quality woodwork accents stand out against a well-lit bright interior, helping to make you and your guests feel like spending lots of time aboard this magnificent yacht.

Overview of the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 349

  • Modern chine hull design by Marc Lombard with the intention to maximize performance, stability and interior volume.
  • Twin wheel steering is standard, this allows for easy access when stern to berthing and great visibility when sailing.
  • Hinged transom for easy access on and off the boat, great for getting into the dinghy or for swimming.
  • Traditional but stylish interior with a “warm” and comfortable feel.
  • Choice of fixed fin, shallow draft or hydraulic lifting keel with twin rudders.
  • Choice of two or three cabin layouts, the two cabin version affording a very large shower and heads compartment


Saving Our Planet; Jeanneau yacht production is environmental friendly.

For several years Jeanneau have been developing Prisma Injection Moulding. This is a yacht manufacturing process that greatly reduces the manufacturing carbon footprint and extreme localised air pollution that’s created when a new yacht is manufactured. The closed Prisma yacht manufacture process allows many more intricate shapes to be created in a yacht mould and far fewer raw materials are needed to create a stronger yacht or boat. It’s a fact that a deck of a yacht built using the Prisma moulding System is often 30% lighter than a conventionally laid up deck. However the integral construction of the Prisma process is such, that a lighter deck built this way is much stronger than its conventional counterpart.

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A bit more about the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 349 Yacht

Being a very popular yacht we decided to produce a walk through guide for the Jeanneau 349 Yacht in our own words. In order to keep it simple we have used what we hope you will appreciate is plain language keeping the yacht stuff to a minimum.

From the transom through to the main cabin.

Standing at the back (stern) of the Jeanneau 349 it is very easy to see why this yacht has become a market leader. She has the volume in many places of a 40 footer and certainly has some of the best lines of a yacht we have seen for many a year. The extra wide transom with the optional fold down platform makes you wonder why yacht designers didn’t think of this before. A super wide access point to the Yacht also allows you to get into a dingy very easily, or go for a swim from the platform without worrying about climbing back up a very high transom. I expect a man overboard situation could be easily controlled from this transom, as lifting a heavy weight up onto a yacht has always been very difficult. Now it is simple because when the platform is lowered, you are level with the water.

Raise the transom up and it creates an environment that you and your crew will feel very secure in. Jeanneau have made the fold down transom an option but to be honest we at Network Conwy could not see how anyone would not want to include this unless they were racing the yacht. Even then as a means to keeping everything secure in the yacht we feel it’s a must have optional extra.

Helm Positions

Just forward of the transom you have the twin wheel system. The Jeanneau 349 Yacht as we have said feels like a forty footer with the extra wide stern. A big advantage to the yacht in having this wide stern is that she has much more buoyancy aft and therefore down wind she will not bury her stern and create drag. Therefore the down wind sailing of the Jeanneau 349 Yacht will be greatly improved over the traditional canoe stern yachts of yester year. She should also have an improved windward performance as again added buoyancy will help this boat in all points of sailing.

Sitting at the helm position on the Jeanneau 349 Yacht that we have had delivered at Conwy, helps one understand the principle of twin wheeled yachts. Yes it’s agreed the classic big wheel in the centre of the aft cockpit may be appealing to some but when you are on a tack how on earth could you see along the port of starboard decks? If you did build a yacht with a big wheel it would need to be so large it would need to cut through the cockpit floor, that would cause all sorts of added design issues. Certainly having a twin wheel operation where one can transfer across from either helm position has massive advantages when berthed stern too in a marina. With the transom down access could not be easier. In fact this design almost allows for wheel chair access. It would be very easy to remove the cockpit table to allow wheel chairs to gain access to the cockpit


Moving forward of the main folding transom on the Jeanneau 349 and passing the helm position you find yourself in the actual cockpit. Jeanneau have left it up to the individual owner to decide if they want to have additional coach roof winches. On the most recent yachts we have sold, this is one of those recommendations that we now suggest owners think about seriously, as it seems to us that the additional coach roof winches are quite good value when included in the performance pack.

We spent quite a lot of time sailing a Jeanneau 349 yacht without winches on the coach roof, it is perfectly doable to operate the mainsail from the winch at the helm but better to leave the main set and have a winch rigged ready for that all important tack.

Main cabin

Standing in the cockpit on the Jeanneau 349 looking forward it’s a delight to find that companionway doors have replaced that annoying removable hatch. It’s fair to say some of the yachts have a dedicated stowage pit for the hatch but how pleasant it is just to open the doors and walk down the stairs into the saloon area.

Navigation table

The Jeanneau 349 has a perfectly adequate chart table to port. Fitted in the normal mid ship position, working at the table will be fairly straight forward, even if you don’t go for the chart table stool that fits nicely underneath the chart table. Gone are the days when we would have the argument about a chart tables ability to take a full size chart. The fact is with reliable electronics any yacht or boat builder catering for a full size chart table on a 35 footer would in our opinion want their head examining. It’s very easy to get the chart out on the saloon table when passage making or discussing with crew options for shifts and passages. Much better to use the space saved by having a smaller chart table for sitting and recovering from an exhilarating time at the helm or trimming sails.


A classic L shaped galley at the bottom of the companionway stairs allows enough room to remain facing the crew when preparing food. We feel a traditional galley on the Jeanneau 349 is perfect, it makes the yacht feel bigger than her size.

Jeanneau Invented Prisma Moulding

The innovative manufacturing progress invented by Jeanneau is helping to make yachts like the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 349 stand out from a crowded market. By inventing and then improving the Prisma Moulding process Jeanneau is setting a trend that other manufacturers must follow. Within the next few years European laws will completely ban the construction of conventionally laid up boats and yachts.

We all need to pay our part in protecting the planet from harmful construction emissions, no more so than in the developments of plastics. Jeanneau have proven that the historical craft of Yacht and Boat building can be enhance by modern technology, and help to look after the environment that a yacht or boat is built to be used in.

This yacht is available as a boat share with Network Yacht Brokers Conwy, for more information click here.

Length overall : 10.34 m / 33'11"
Hull length : 9.97 m / 32'8"
Hull beam : 3.44 m / 11'3"
Light displacement : 5350 kg / 11795 lbs
Standard keel draught : 1.98 m / 6'5"
Shoal Keel draught : 1.49m /
Water capacity : 206L / 54 US gal
Cabins : 2 - 3
Motor : 21 HP CV / 15 Kw
CE Category : A6
Total standard sail area : 57 m² / 614 sq ft

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