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Jeanneau Sun Odyssey

The Sun Odyssey Yacht Has Changed

Sun Odyssey woman at the helmChanges over the last 20 years has helped the build process of the Sun Odyssey Yacht design. It has now has become the bench mark of how to make a great yacht. All models are available as a conventional yacht or as a performance version, carrying a taller mast, deeper keel and better rigging.

The range is split between two types, being the Deck Saloon (DS) Yacht as featured in the image to the left and the classic Sun Odyssey (SO) Yacht.

The performance version has replaced the early Sun Fast range of yachts, which were a very successful version of the range. The performance range of  Yachts was brought in some years ago, because it was felt the old Sun Fast did not offer the same level of comfort as the conventional cruiser. As more owners got involved in club racing, most simply wanted to race in more comfort, not wanting to sacrifice everything to gain a fraction of speed. Although the performance SO is still available, a re-introduced dedicated Sun Fast Range Yacht is now also an option. The new Sun Fast yachts give a little less comfort but a lot more speed than the old version. You can follow the Sun Fast development though our news page as it unfolds over the coming years.

An very high level of comfort is now offered throughout the SO range. The designers and manufaturers have worked together to produce a timeless range; a boat which, when seen will be easily distinguished from the rest of the marina pack. French chic, liberally scattered around every aspect of the range, proving it is possible to combine comfort and speed.

Sail Yachts that range from 31 to 50ft.

Sun Odyssey 349 a good sail

Whatever your needs we are sure you will find a Yacht in the SO range a yacht to suit your needs. From the smallest to the largest, all models have an a great level of equipment and comfort for all the range that is exceptional. Our customers have enjoyed buying yachts from us for almost 20 years.

Jeanneau Yacht 54 to 64

Jeanneau 64 - Flagship of JeanneauThe the flagships of the entire range, built from 54 to 64 feet. A globetrotting range of yachts very able of giving permanent accommodation to an owner. she will be able to cross-oceans and circumnavigate the globe with ease.

Jeanneau entered this Super Yacht market with the 54 DS Yacht some years ago. The replacement range to the 54 and 49DS have been made to look elegant and timeless, with classic looks that will always stand out from the crowd, packed full of both particle and futuristic ideas that work. They have been tested time and time again in all sorts of conditions.

For more information about the Yacht range please visit our dedicated pages on this site.

About the Production of Sun Odyssey Yachts.

The Prisma injection process has been used throughout the construction of the SO range. These models were the first to be fitted with Prisma injection decks. The Prisma injection process is environmentally friendly, reducing the carbon construction footprint of each yacht by a massive 90%. This was not the main reason that Jeanneau to developed the Prisma process, it was in fact a wish to cut the build cost. What was a win win was the great spin off that helps to save the enviroment.

This way of building has had a big impact for our clients. In fact, a Sun Odyssey Yacht is a lot less expensive to buy today than 5 years ago. They are stronger and better built. The deck is  lighter but stronger, so the new yachts point to wind much better and feel stiffer to sail. The Prisma injection process has been quickly expanded to the entire range of yachts. Soon all manufacturers will need to forgo laying fiberglass in the old way, as it is an environmental disaster and no longer the best way to build yachts.

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