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Jeanneau Sun Fast Yacht

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Jeanneau Sailboats Sun Fast Range

Jeanneau Sunfast 3200  Jeanneau Sunfast 3600

Jeanneau has been building fast yachts since 1976, it wasn’t until 1993 that the Jeanneau Sailboats Sun Fast range was born with the launch of the Jeanneau Sun Fast 52, a true racer-cruiser designed by Philippe Briand in partnership with Philippe Poupon.  The range soon expanded with the introduction of the Jeanneau Sailboats Sun Fast 32 and 36 in 1994. These racer/cruisers collected many trophies and soon became well known on the worlds race circuits. Nearly every Jeanneau Sun Odyssey model in the Jeanneau range was a available in the Sun Fast version, although Jeanneau decided a  name changed would best describe the Fast Sun Odyssey Range, with the taller rig and racing pedigree, and so the Sun Odyssey Performance Version was introduced.

Jeanneau Sailboats Sun Fast 3200 Sitting OutA totally re-designed Jeanneau Sailboats Sun Fast was re-introduced in 2008, starting with the launch of the Sun Fast 3200. Designed by Daniel Andrieu, this model took the world by storm and was named “European Yacht of the Year” within the first year of production.  Jeanneau was clear in their brief to create a new Sun Fast range of Yachts they would be specifically designed for performance.

Since the conception of the Sun Fast 3200, Jeanneau soon broadened the scope of design to make the range compatible with offshore races and operational for short-handed crew.  The Sun Fast 3200 was joined by the launch of the Sun Fast 3600 in 2013. This model features all of the  successful and winning ingredients of the 3200 but with even more adaptability.

A good turn of speed and an exhilarating sail is guaranteed without compromise! The Sun Fast range offers  dependability, ease of handling and importantly, safety at sea.

Key features:-

Due to the very precise and consistent build weight of the Sun Fast range, they make ideal yachts for racing in a one design fleet. Jeanneau have seen an increase in the number of Sun Fast racing fleets that are appearing across multiple continents.

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