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Jeanneau Sailboats

Jeanneau Yacht and Sailboats

Jeanneau Sailboats Sun Odyssey YachtBuying a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey Yacht will be a thrilling experience, we understand it can also be very daunting. We have many years of experience selling Jeanneau sailboats and would like to share with you our knowledge and expertise in commissioning both Motor Boats and Yachts, in the UK and Mediterranean. If you’re just starting out on your yacht buying journey or you’re at the final stage, we can and will help.

Perhaps you would like to see how a  Sun Odyssey Yacht is built? We easily can arrange a visit to the Jeanneau factory in France.

We know from experience it usually takes a long time to decide on the type, or size of Jeanneau  Sun Odyssey Yacht to buy. Some of our clients take years to decide on a final Yacht specification, so there is no rush. We see our role as support and information providers, happy to share years of knowledge and assist you through the process in order to help you make what could be a purchase you dreamed of all your life.



Jeanneau Sailboats Sun Odyssey 50 big red sail tall lr

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey Range

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey are split between two distinct types of sailboats; The Sun Odyssey DS (Deck Saloon) and the Sun Odyssey Classic Yacht.

The Classic Sun Odyssey Yacht feature the flat coach roof style while the Deck Saloon has a curved, sloping coach roof for a more lean appearance. The Sun Odyssey Yacht performs well and offers all the comforts one would expect from a modern sailboat. Probably the most endearing feature are her stunning looks, looks that will most certainly remain timeless.

Both the Sun Odyssey classic Yacht, and the Deck Saloon sailboats both have a performance option which was originally designed to replace the Sun Fast range. This performance range of Sun Odyssey sailboats were introduced by Jeanneau as the original Sunfast sailboats did not offer the same level of comfort afforded to the conventional cruiser, owners simply wanted to race in more comfort. Some of the features include a taller rig, and a deeper keel.

Although the performance version of the Sun Odyssey is still available, Jeanneau re-introduced in 2012 a dedicated Sunfast Range, a little less comfort but a lot more speed.

The Jeanneau Sun Odyssey sailboats range are world renown for quality and reliability. From the nimble Sun Odyssey 349; a small yacht with a big interior capable of coastal cruising, to the flagship blue water cruiser, the fabulous Sun Odyssey 509 Yacht.  We can help you pick one of our Jeanneau sailboats from the Sun Odyssey range to suit your requirements. We recognise this can often take some careful consideration. New owners can be assured our experienced team will be on hand to give friendly well informed advice.

Jeanneau Sailboat – offer exceptional value for money.

The experience of buying one of our sailboats is first created at the design table in the Jeanneau factory. A factory that ensures everything that should be is correct, delivering to you the purchaser exceptional value for money. This is only possible on a grand scale because of the most advanced yacht production processes in the world.

Our British commissioning team will commission a new yacht anywhere in Europe.  The equipment and experience we use to complete your purchase from factory until hand-over, will in all cases result in aspirational fulfilment.  That is our wish, our passion, our promise and objective.

Proud owners an exemplary purchasing experience.

Jeanneau Sailboats offer everything you need to fulfil your dreams; modern fast design & technological excellence. French influence beautifully created by craftsmen with years of experience. Network Yacht Brokers ConJeanneau Sailboats Med commisioningwy will deliver all new Jeanneau Sailboats to you seamlessly, making your purchase the beginning of a wonderful experience.
The range of Jeanneau Sailboats on offer caters for all tastes and budgets and can be customised for your needs, whether for long, leisurely cruises in the Mediterranean, or for fast, fun sailing in the UK.

Buying a Jeanneau sailboat will be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. In almost 20 years as Jeanneau Sailboat Dealers we have commissioned  hundreds of  Sailboats and Motor boats. Our business is based on our experience and expertise in all aspects of supplying a new Sailboat.

Production of the Sun Odyssey Jeanneau Sailboats.

For years Jeanneau have been perfecting production techniques in the manufacture of Sailboats. Some years ago, Jeanneau invented a process called Prisma Injection. This process is now used in the production of all Jeanneau Sailboats. It has reduced harmful emissions created by GRP production at the factory by 90%. So dramatic is the reduction in pollution that the EU will ban conventional GRP boat building production very soon. The Jeanneau contribution towards saving the planet is a welcome spin-off in what was a massive leap forward in boat production. Using the Prisma process, decks can be made lighter, stronger and for less money. GRP component parts have smooth edges and smooth undersides. Shapes can be formed that would not have been possible a few years ago.

Add 360 Docking to your  Sailboat

The 360 docking system has now been around for a little time. Not many boats have been fitted with this new technology because the European market is a little flat at the moment. Having said that, this invention will be a revolution in Sailboat design in years to come. It’s so simple to manoeuvre your Sailboat around with this revolutionary docking system, a child could do it.

Modern technology has been available; however the marine environment has set new challenges for the design team. Computers and salt don’t usually mix very well. Now that the computer has control and reliability is guaranteed, 360 Docking will be around for years to come.

For all your Jeanneau Sailboats Spare parts, please contact Yacht Chandlers Conwy.

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