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Jeanneau Powered by Yamaha

What’s that?

We are now a Yamaha dealer! If you buy a new Jeanneau OB motorboat from us, you will be provided with a trusty and well respected Yamaha engine, and even better, get 5 years warranty! Jeanneau have been partners with Yamaha for over 8 years and have formed a coherent and trusting bond with one another.

Yamaha formed in 1887 are a global renowned brand from around the world, from being known for Pianos to being well known for Motor Bikes, they are now taking control of the seas. The new breed of engines are breathtaking and Jenneau themselves have shown this by no longer producing inboard engines in the Merry Fisher range, instead relying on the fantastic modern outboard that Yamaha provide.

We are excited for the future ahead with Yamaha.

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