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Jeanneau NC Motor Boat

Jeanneau NC Range

Jeanneau NC – A New Concept in boat design…

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A new range of motor boats from Jeanneau, they have thrown out the rule-book for boat design.  The NC stands for “New Concept” – flattering but accurate – a boat that offers something different for those that choose to think outside the box. Gone is the traditional sports cruiser layout with limited accommodation and confusion between living space and accommodation. The complete range offers a one-level living space with the ability to adapt your boat to the conditions and environment.

Class-leading innovation…

Jeanneau has giving the NC range an edge over its competitors. Modular seating options, clever storage solutions and impressive cabins show exactly how creatively the NC has been developed. In all aspects, the NC delivers far more than any of its competitors. It is difficult to justify just how original this boat is and how cleverly it has been put together, but step aboard and you’ll see how good a boat this size can be. Take the opportunity to see for yourself and discover why only a world class boat builder like Jeanneau can make all this possible.

Allow yourself a little indulgence…

Don’t settle for second best; you don’t have to with the NC range. Rain or shine, the NC range will give you a safe and comfortable way to spend those idyllic days and nights on the water. A bright, contemporary interior is coupled with ergonomic planning to make moving around effortless. When aboard, you’ll truly appreciate the thought and attention to detail that makes these boats stand out amongst their contemporaries.

Save the Planet when you buy a NC Motor Boat

Jeanneau have been leading the leisure marine boat builders in boat manufacture for many years. They have developed a new way of forming GRP boats. Jeanneau have moved away from traditional lay-up which creates massive environmental issues. Jeanneau have developed the Prisma injection proses. This process virtual eliminates the harmful emission given off during conventional manufacture by 90%. The other added benefit from using Prisma injection moulding apart from the emission saving in construction, boat parts and decks can be laid in greater detail without additional costs. The Prisma formed component is often much stronger than a handmade part.

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