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Jeanneau Merry Fisher

Merry Fisher, not just a fishing boat

Jeanneau Merry Fisher 695       Jeanneau Merry Fisher 795 Marlin

Jeanneau Merry Fisher 795       Jeanneau Merry Fisher 895

The Merry Fisher range historically a boat for the serious fisherman and pleasure boater. Nothing has changed there, though the modern Merry Fisher is so well appointed and comfortable it will spoil even die-hard fisherman who can now opt for the Merry Fisher “Marlin” models. The Marlin extends the fishing ability nature of these fine boats.

Aboard the Merry Fisher you will find everything you need for days (and nights!) on the water – cabins, heads, galley, fridge, shore-power and the ever-useful fully washable decks. This range has become the true do-it-all boat of the sea, used as fishing boats, family cruisers and all-weather day boats.

Whatever the weather, you can rely on a Jeanneau Merry Fisher

The obvious attraction of the Jeanneau Merry Fisher is its ability to offer safe and comfortable access to the water with protection for the skipper and crew. On those  days when the temperature drops a little and the occasional rain or even snow shower is possible, that won’t stop you from hitting the waves, reeling in the fish and having fun on the water. In fact the only thing your Merry Fisher cant do is catch the fish for you!

After a hard day cruising or fishing, you’ll appreciate the comfortable seating areas and home comforts afforded to you – ingenious layouts and use of space offer true overnight capabilities even in the smallest models.

Make the most of the water in a Merry Fisher

Owning a Merry Fisher, you will be able to do almost any water activity you desire. Fishing trip, or just a one day family fun day the next time; a weekend away followed by a social cruise around the bays with friends.

All boats are available with a variety of outboard engine options to suit your taste and budget, a range of optional extras to customise your boat to make it exactly what you want is available. For more details or to arrange a viewing on our stock models, please contact us at NYB Conwy and we’ll be happy to help.

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A bit more about the Jeanneau Merry Fisher

Many of our customers who own the Merry Fisher are serious fishermen, they come down to their boats at weekend and within no time at all they are off for a days fishing, using the Merry Fisher for what it was intended. However, increasingly we are seeing numbers of families buying Merry Fisher boats of all shapes and sizes, just because they love the range and comforts that come as standard with this versatile motor boat.

No More Canvas

It’s true, the Jeanneau Merry Fisher has an option to have a full canvas enclosure and for some it makes a totally separate space that is well sheltered from the elements. It can also be used as an additional overnight space for that unexpected visitor stay over. The majority of owners though don’t use the canvas option enjoying the freedom of zippers and poppers that the solid wheelhouse frees you from.

We found from our experience that in the UK and Northern Europe it’s an invaluable asset to be able to get away from the wind, rain, and sometimes very strong sunlight, unlike the Mediterranean where open boats and canvas type camping is much more palatable. Our Merry Fisher customers have said overwhelmingly one of the reasons for choosing a Merry Fisher sports boat is that it gives one the ability to escape from the elements.

A keel shape for the sea

For some time the Jeanneau Merry Fisher had an inboard diesel fitted as standard. As the outboard revolution has taken over Jeanneau (who are part of the Beneteau Group) made a decision to change the design of the Merry Fisher boats in order to take only outboard motor engines. This change from the traditional inboard engine came as a surprise to some dealers and buyers, however the benefits measured over time have been fantastic. Reduced maintenance costs and additional storage space has been one of the benefits in moving from the traditional inboard diesel engine to petrol outboard motors. The extra space in the cockpit floor alone makes for a great fender storage locker. The greatest benefit though  came due to the quiet revolution and evolution of the outboard motor.

Reliability of some of the outboard engines fitted by Jeanneau dealers such as Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki now offer up to 6 years warranty, this incredible reliability made the change even more worth while for the Beneteau group. Comparison fuel consumption over speed with the modern outboard being minimal, then add the benefit of a faster boat and it was quite literally a no brainer (as thy say) Jeanneau made the change.

Hull shape has largely remained the same with a deep v running from the bow into a well proportioned semi displacement keel form. This allows for additional stability at speed. the Jeanneau Merry Fisher is set to be aground for many years to come and the change from inboard to outboard motor was in our opinion a logical step forward in the production of this fine craft.

Fantastic vision

Looking at a new Merry Fisher its easy to see how things have progressed in the cockpit. Gone is the central windscreen support, replaced by the very latest composite windscreen. Computer design has had a great deal to do with the Jeanneau design teams ability to enlarge all window space, adding a large sun roof makes the cockpit feel totally open. This is a feature you may not find on competitors boats.

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