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Jeanneau Cap Camarat

Jeanneau Cap Camarat 1

 Safe practical and fun.

Jeanneau Cap Camarat 6.5 DC moored

From the Cap Camarat 4.7 to the mighty Cap Cam 8.5…..

Safe, practical, fast and fun, that’s the theme used throughout the range. This sports motor boat offers you the ability to spend time on the water doing the things you want to do.

Enjoyment is the key.. Skipping across the water protected by a high free-board and wide spray rails, Cap Camarat motor boats are fast and fun whilst keeping you safe and dry.

Why compromise?…  Select from the range a Cap Camarat  Sports Motor Boat, you will find a boat that perfectly reflects what you want.

Three specific layouts cater for your every need

Choose from the original Centre console  with ample storage, seating and easy access all round. Or the Walk-Around version with an off-set console giving a more cruiser-like layout. The latest sports day cruiser motor boat offers great levels of comfort including a cuddy cabin for overnight stays.

 What’s not to like?

Jeanneau Cap Camarat 925 WA not available

The original centre console design is practical and multi-functional. Having access all around the deck is very useful when fishing or if you’re using the boat as a water sports platform. The cockpit is deep and safe. The centre  central console also brings great balance to this boat.

Jeanneau Cap Camarat 6.5CC Girls Walk Around

Jeanneau have cleverly moved the helm console to the starboard. This extra wide side deck forma a passage past the console that  opens up a very wide gap between foredeck and aft deck. It makes getting to the front very easy.

Better still, the fore and aft areas wrap around the deck and console, they offer a much more social boat. Easily converted between a sun pad, dining table and informal seating area, the bow section is multi-functional.

Sports Day Cruiser

Cap Camarat 7.5 DC swim platform

The latest design offering in the range, the Day Cruiser swaps the open-deck for a cabin.

By not having an open deck the Day cruiser gains by offering great, usable sleeping or resign areas.

The ocean awaits….

Jump aboard, open her up and whatever the conditions, the Cap Camarat will not disappoint. Break out the fishing rods or simply sit at anchor and soak up the sun. the choice is yours whatever you decide to use this versatile sports speed boat for. You will find every boat in the range both practical, economical, reliable, comfortable, fast, safe and great value for mony.

Visit Great Locations

Cap Camarat 6.5CC photo girls

Getting out on the water fast is key to water sports fun. This modern generation of fast sports boats is designed using the latest technology in order to keep the price just right. Family and friends will enjoy days out in great locations. The simple desighn of the Cap Camarat helps you look after the ones you love, safely and without the need to have complicated functions. All the boats in the range can be used on park and launch trailers as they need very little water to float.

A bit more about owning  sports boats

Owning a sports boat is a great way of getting into boating, for many ownership of a sports boat is as far as  many people would want to progress with the sport. Running costs for a bigger boat make getting out on the water un-practical for most. The big advantage of a sports boat over a bigger vessel is clearly running cost but many other factors also need to be considered . Berthing a big sports boat can be prohibitive to most, and they can bevery expensive in terms of maintenance, especially older boats that rely on old technology that becomes troublesome when salt water is added to the mix of things that a boat has to contend with. Another big advantage of a sports boat over bigger vessels is that they now use outboard motor technology which has become incredibly reliable in recent years.

So if you’re looking to get into the sports of motor boating then the this range of boats may be worth a second look. They function extremely well on park and launch programs and maintain a great resale value, add to that a six year Honda engine warranty from NYB Conwy and you will we feel have made a great choice whatever your level of interest is in boating.

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