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Jeanneau Motor Boat Range

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Fish, Ski, Sunbathe, Relax, Cruise on a Jeanneau Motor Boat…

Cap Camarat    Merry Fisher    Leader    NC   Velasco

Post Production  Motor Boat Archive

Whatever your wish, Jeanneau motor boats who are part of the Beneteau Group supply a range of models one of which will suit you. From the small, punchy Cap Camarat Sports Boats, to a Leader Sports Cruisers or class-leading NC Motor Boat Range. We are sure there’s a Motor boat in the range that will fulfil and exceed your expectations. If fishing is your passion.  The Merry Fisher range is a very stable fishing boat, with ample deck space and all the comforts you need that make practical sence and affordable cruising. All  Motor Boat’s in the range can be customised to your specification. You can make a boat your own with a choice of, covers, engine options and trim level packages that will enhance your enjoyment of the boat.

Don’t just take our word for it.

The Jeanneau Motor Boat range (part of Group Beneteau) include many models, highly respected in the boating world. Jeanneau’s ability to fuse the suave French flair and  design with practical influences from British and American markets. Advanced technologies from all over the world have given these boats an unbeatable edge, making motor boats that exuding quality and sophistication. Merry Fisher being just one small part of one of the largest marine boat building comapines in the world. This boat building facility is so large it enables greater attention to detail, in short it means all boats are built using the most advanced technologies.

Every year the designers at Jeanneau continue to develop new and exciting boats. In years past we have seen as many as 10 new models every 12 months being introduced. This rate of new boat development has never been matched in Motor, or Sports Boat production.

Own The Motor boat of Your Dreams.

We’re confident a Jeanneau Motor boat will be the boat you expected to buy and more. Merry Fisher are the envy of other boat builders and their owners are often the envy of fellow boat-owners. So If you’re thinking about getting on the water, talk to us here at NYB Conwy.

Looking for Jeanneau Motor Boat or Merry Fisher Boat Spares?

We have been involved with Jeanneau for almost 20 years and so we know a lot about the product. We can offer a complete Jeanneau Motor Boat spare parts supply service.

More About  Motor the Boat Range

Models like the Merry Fisher have evolved over many years. They have changed from simple robust fishing boats offering captain and crew some protection from the weather to a sophisticated vessel, capable of enduring some of the most arduous conditions the sea can produce. Clearly you would not expect a small Merry Fisher to venture out in seas it was not designed for and careful consideration of the CE range is recommended. However, we are confident that even the smallest Merry Fisher Motor Boat can easily withstand anything the sea can throw at it within the design category. Most Merry Fisher’s are graded for category B or C which will cover you for safe use in any weather that you may expect to use your boat within the limit of  inshore and coastal waters.

A big change in the Jeanneau Motor Boat from inboard diesel to outboard boats came about because of the revolution in outboard motor design. Its fair to say that diesel inboard boats are slightly more economical to run but they come with a price tag that far exceeds the cost of an outboard in production cost. Reduced running costs have now been eroded by the benefits of an Outboard Motor. Put simply, a Motor Boat with an outboard is much cheaper to buy in the first instance than one with an inboard diesel. With an outboard motor fitted the boat is faster and therefore much more user friendly. Maintenance is considerably less with a modern outboard because the engine is raised out of the water. Add to that the additional space created without an inboard engine and the legendary reliability of the modern outboard, this has driven boat builders to change the way they present the entire range of Merry Fisher.

The Cap Camarat range of boats has always had a close association with outboard engines. They are fast and fun, perfect for all the family and friends. Cap Camarat have been in production for over 30 years and is set to continue in production for the foreseeable future.

Looking at the bigger range of Jeanneau Motor Boats like the NC (New Concept) and the Velasco these boats and yachts need to be considered as small ships, or an apartment on the water. Relatively new designs have meant that extended amounts of time can be spent on board the Large Motor boat range and we are certain that nothing will stop the development of the much larger Jeanneau Motor Boats in the Future.

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