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Jeanneau Yacht Share Syndicate

The Syndicate Concept

For many people the entry into ownership of a new Yacht or Motor Boat is not viable, particularly when account is taken of the capital outlay in comparison with the time spent on the vessel. Others wishing to venture into sole ownership of a Boat or Yacht are often put-off by the ongoing costs of mooring insurance and also maintenance. For those who have these worries or have concerns about the responsibility that comes with buying a boat, then purchasing shares and forming a syndicate may be the answer to get afloat.

It’s a fact that few boats or yachts are fully utilised, indeed many are only used several times a year. A syndicate will allow the purchasers to have the benefit of time and the pride of owning a brand new Boat or Yacht at only a fraction of the cost. Forming a syndicate with Network Yacht Brokers is very easy. The Yacht will be managed professionally, safeguarding your investment and each syndicate member will have access to the Motor Boat or Yacht for approximately 12 weeks per year.

It’s our experience from the creation of a successful syndicate in 2004; on a 36 foot Bavaria in Conwy, that is still running well today, that has led us to believe that syndicates offer a very cost effective way of getting on the water. The success of this syndicate has led us to develop what we believe is a unique way of forming a yacht syndicate that both protects investors and also gives the collective syndicate members the ability to look after their investment.

How the Syndicate Is Formed

We at NYB Conwy gather together a number of interested syndicate parties. Normally three groups of individuals are required before a new Yacht is ordered. The first syndicate members to sign up will enjoy deciding on the detailed specification of the Yacht.

The boat is ordered when we have sufficient interests from like minded individuals.

For the first year NYB will manage the Yacht ensuring the syndicate settles down into a well balanced routine. At the end of the first year, owners will decide at a general meeting if NYB are needed to continue to manage the Yacht. Based on a majority decision, and only if NYB consider the appointment of one of its members appropriate, who will next manage the syndicate. The syndicate then becomes self-managing making further savings on annual management costs. Going forward if self-managing after the first year, NYB will act as arbitrator and advisor free of charge provided that the syndicate members use the services of NYB when disposing of shares.

This very simple system has worked very well with the syndicate on the Yacht for many years, many syndicate owners have bought and sold shares in her successfully through NYB Conwy.

If having discussed the various options and details of boat sharing you find the concept appealing, an initial letter or email of interest is required to register your name on the next available syndicate.

Once we have the required number letters of intent in place, you will be contacted to confirm that you still wish to proceed. Contracts will be exchanged and after receiving all the returned contracts the Yacht will be ordered. At this point, a 10% deposit will be required to reserve your place in the share syndicate at this point with the remaining balance due when the Yacht goes into production.

If the Jeanneau Boat Share Syndicate sounds appealing to you or you would like more information regarding new boat sales then please contact our team using info@nybconwy.co.uk.

Sailing lifestyle onboard Jeanneau 349 in Biscayne Bay, Miami FL.

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 349 Yacht

The Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 349 it’s taking the market by storm, with Hull number 100 coming off the production line in September 2014 less than 9 months after the yacht debut. With so many innovative features it’s easy to understand why this yacht has become so popular. FeatuJeanneau 349 sailing in Biscayne Bay, Miami FL.res such as the dual access cockpit locker, which has also been used on the popular Jeanneau 379 Yacht. The large fold down transom and life raft locker all show that Marc Lombard has really optimized every inch of space on the yacht. The beamy stern along with the twin helm, previously unheard of for a yacht of this size, allows for a large cockpit area which makes you feel like you’re aboard a vessel of much greater dimensions.

Here at Conwy the Network Yacht Brokers team have recognised the true beauty of the Sun Odyssey 349 Yacht and want to share the dream with others, which is why we’ve have created the Jeanneau Boat Share syndicates which would allow you to have the use of a brand new vessel for 12 weeks a year for a quarter of the cost price.

Jeanneau Merry Fisher

We believe that a syndicate of 6 or 8 shares would work the best for a Jeanneau motor boats. Shareholders can either use the boat on their own or in a group who not only have shared ownership but share time out on the water either fishing or perhaps enjoying water sports.

What to do NextJeanneau Merry Fisher 755 boat syndicate

We applied the same formula for forming a syndicate in Motor Boats as we do on Yachts. So if you would like to add your name to the list of potential syndicate members please don’t hesitate to give us a call and we will talk you through the process.

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