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Network Yacht Brokers Conwy Jeanneau Dealers UKAs Jeanneau Dealer for Wales we offer the entire range of Sports Boats and Yachts from Jeanneau who are part of the Beneteau Group, the worlds largest boat and yacht builder . Jeanneau Yachts and  Sun Odyssey range of Yachts include models from 32 to 50 feet.

From our base in North Wales  we have commissioned hundreds of new Jeanneau Motor Boats and Yachts. This commissioning has been at Conwy and many exotic locations in the Mediterranean.

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Jeanneau Sun Odyssey Yacht Range

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Jeanneau Sun Odyssey also include the DS (Deck Saloon) range of Yachts designed by Marc Lombard and the Jeanneau team.

From humble beginnings the Jeanneau brand has evolved into being part of a giant corporation. Part of the Beneteau Group, Jeanneau has  benefited from capital investments needed in order to develop cutting edge technologies, such as Prism Moulding. The Jeanneau team have managed to keep their independence from Group Beneteau, enjoying great customer brand loyalty that’s often only associated with a much smaller boat manufacturer.

   Jeanneau Sunfast cutting edge racing yachts.

The Jeanneau Sailboat range includes the racing Yacht Sunfast 32 and 36, a specialist racing yacht. Sunfast Yachts are now produced in order to provide competitive yachtsmen and women, with leading technological developments normally unaffordable to most individuals.Jeanneau Sun Fast Range lighthouse

The original Jeanneau Sunfast range was first introduced almost 20 years ago. In recent years the Sun Odyssey performance version of the Sun Odyssey cruising yachts replaced the original Sunfast line.

Jeanneau have now reintroducing a brand new racing Sunfast Yacht Range. The all new Sunfast Yachts will continue offering great performance and uphold the racing reputation created by the early Sunfast Yachts.

  Jeanneau Yachts Flagship of the brand.

Jeanneau 57 Yacht Saloon hpJeanneau Yacht logo

Jeanneau 53, 57 and the 64 Yachts are the flagships of the Jeanneau Sailing Yacht range. Jeanneau Yachts being graceful offshore globetrotter cruisers. Jeanneau Yachts feature timeless interiors and are designed to provide a remarkable sailing experience at every level,  designed by Philippe Briand  in association with Andrew Winch and the Jeanneau Team .

Jeanneau Motor Boats a choice of inboard and outboard engines in the range. 

Cap Camarat sports and Jeanneau Motor Boats have been produced combining style with practicality for over three decades. An entry level Cap Camarat 4.7 CC ( Centre Cockpit) sports motor boat allows the user much needed flexibility in launching, handling and recovery that only a lightweight sports boat can offer.  Cap Camarat models increase in size throughout the range, up to the mighty Cap Camarat 8.5 WA ( Walk Around). Cap Camarat sports motor boats perfectly complement Merry Fisher Motor boats, which are often considered to be the “4×4 of the ocean” with many Merry Fisher boats having both a fishing and comfort version available.

Jeanneau Velasco

Jeanneau Valasco 43 aerialJeanneau Velasco and NC ( New Concept) range, are technologically unique and elegantly designed Motor Yachts, creating an unparalleled vision from the saloon. The NC range was conceived with transparency and space at the forefront of the Jeanneau design requirements.

A justified reward to this new approach to motor boating the Jeanneau NC11 has already won the prestigious Motor Boat of the Year award, confirming that the NC9 and NC11 are design market-leading motor boats.


Network Yacht Brokers Conwy

Jeanneau Dealers BMF Logo

We offer a highly professional and successful brokerage and used boat sales service.  Network Yacht Brokers Conwy have been selling boats for the marine community across the U.K. and Europe for 20 years. Please look at our Brokerage Boats for sale section if your interested in buying a used boat or yacht or go to the contact us page if you want us to sell your boat. We are members of the BMF and operate a Brokerage Service for boats located in many local locations such as Conwy, Deganwy, Bangor, Port Dinorwic, Caernarfon, Holyhead , Liverpool, and throughout Wales. We also have boats listed for sale in the Lake District,Windermere , North West of England and Scotland.

Network Yacht Brokers Conwy.

We are based next to and overlooking Conwy Marina, which is the largest Marina in North Wales. We are also part of Network Yacht Brokers, the largest group of independent Yacht Brokers and dealers in the UK. Network Yacht Brokers can be found in 14 key locations in England, Ireland, Wales, Corfu and Lefkas Greece. Network Yacht Brokers Conwy promotes boats and Yachts by way of boat shows and extensive advertising. We also exhibit at the London and Southampton International Boat Shows. Advertising within the Network Yacht Brokers Group is our key focus, but we also contribute towards advertising with manufacturers and suppliers.

If you are looking for great deals from a marine chandler – Visit Yacht Chandlers at Conwy Marina.

We are the  North Wales’ premier Yacht Chandlers for boat equipment, boat covers, marine spares, Jeanneau yacht spares, Jeanneau sport boat parts and general Yacht chandlers.


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A History of Jeanneau and Network Yacht Brokers at Conwy Marina

Jeanneau Dealer Yacht Chandlers Conwy

Network Yacht Brokers and the Yacht Chandlers Store at Conwy Marina have been open since 1992 and conception of the 500 berth Marina at Conwy. Jeanneau Yachts were first introduced to Conwy Marina by Mailspeed Marine, this was shortly after the marina development was finished.

Mailspeed Marine eventually pulled out of North Wales, focusing attentions on-line, based at Warrington with a low cost warehouse solution to the supply of Chandlers from their headquarters in Warrington.

Tradewinds Marine took over the Chandlers Shop at Conwy Marina along with the Jeanneau Yacht Dealership through the only English Jeanneau Dealer in the UK, Sea Ventures of Lymington.

Network Yacht Brokers Conwy forged a great working relationship with Sea Ventures when Tradewinds Marine ceased trading in 2003. Although the Yacht Chandlers has changed hands several times, Network Yacht Brokers Conwy has retained the Jeanneau Yacht Dealership for over a decade, dealing directly with Jeanneau as the dealer for Wales.  Since 2003 Network Yacht Brokers Conwy has had a healthy relationship with all the UK Jeanneau dealers, spending time working together for a common cause at various international boat shows.

Prior to the opening of Conwy Marina, Conwy town had experienced severe traffic problems for over 20 years.

Conwy Marina was created when the Conwy tunnel construction basin was decommissioned after the completion of the A55 Conwy tunnel development.

The Conwy tunnel development was designed to alleviate traffic by bypassing Conwy town centre. A traffic bottleneck had previously built up in Conwy every spring and summer causing misery for locals and travellers. Long delays and frustrating journeys along the North Wales coast would drive away many holiday makers from the area trying to pass through the historic, but very narrow town walls. A particular traffic hold up would be caused when a truck or coach got stuck in the west castle arch. This would lead to hours of standing traffic, backing up past Colwyn Bay and often extending as far as Rhyl and Prestatyn at busy times of the year. Traffic hold ups at Conwy were having an extremely negative impact on the North Wales economy. Someone described this bottleneck as being akin to a closed heart artery in what was potentially a very healthy athlete.

Jeanneau Dealer Wales Conwy Tunnel in build NYB Conwy

One cannot describe the transformation that Conwy town went through after the opening of the A55 tunnel.  It’s fair to say not all bypasses have a positive effect on a local community; however Conwy has simply thrived beyond all expectations since the construction of the Conwy tunnel. During the boom pre-2008, North Wales saw an unprecedented amount of growth in every sector, thanks to the tunnel development. Not only was tourism booming during this period but road transport links improved on the A55 between Chester and Holyhead so much, it’s impossible to quantify the economic benefits to the North West of the UK and Ireland.

As news that Conwy was open for business the Marina quickly filled with boats and local based business began to thrive. As Conwy marina and the tunnel development sees its 25th Birthday pass, it is obvious the planners could have only dreamed of the success this engineering marvel would bring to the area.

Conwy Tunnel development has transformed the quality of life for many in Conwy and North Wales. Thanks to the Conwy Tunnel development North Wales has managed to weather the economic downturn that affected everyone in the marine industry from 2008.

About Conwy Marina

Jeanneau Dealer at Conwy MarinaOperated by Quay Marinas, Conwy Marina’s boatyard has a 30 ton travel hoist, a knypster offering a boat moving service along with a visitor berthing facility on deep water pontoons, this is located just outside the marina. Conwy Marina’s hard standing can accommodate up to 150 motor boats and yachts. The boat yard is fully serviced with power and water points strategically placed around the yard. Conwy Marina’s hard standing and commissioning facility has also benefited from the Conwy tunnel development, as easy access to the motorway network ideal service destination for the RNLI and many commercial vessels including the new generation of craft that service the coastal wind farms.

Jeanneau Dealer at Conwy dredger Conwy Marina Due to situation in 2007 Conwy Marina developers installed a tidal sill. Although the sill has been successful in providing a good depth of water within the marina basin, silting has now started to affect the depth. Dredging Conwy Marina was severely restricted due to environmental considerations.  In 2009 dredging restrictions were eased and Quay Marinas along with the Crown Estate purchased a custom built dredger. Depths in the marina are now gradually improving and it is hoped in the coming years that the sill gate will be lowered and left down permanently restoring all tide access to the marina.

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