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Jeanneau Dealers

 UK Sign for Conwy WalesWe are official dealers for the UK and North Wales, we offer for sale the entire range of Motor Boats and Yachts from Jeanneau, who are part of the Beneteau Group. Together they form the worlds largest motor boat and yacht company. The Yacht range now includes models from 32 to 64 feet.

From our base in North Wales we have commissioned hundreds of new motor boats and yachts over from many manufacturers, but we are most proud to have been involved with the Jeanneau brand for almost 20 years.


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Sun Odyssey

Jeanneau yacht

The Sun Odyssey Yacht range includes the DS (Deck Saloon) range of Yachts, most were designed by Marc Lombard with support from the Jeanneau team based in France. The DS Yacht being favoured by sailors who enjoy a little more ease of use that the classic Sun Odyssey Yacht has to offer.

From Humble Beginnings

In a little over 50 years the brand has evolved into  a giant corporation. As part of the Beneteau group, Jeanneau has  benefited from massive capital investments. That’s just what was needed in order to develop cutting edge technologies, such as Prism Moulding used on the production of most boats and yachts.

Keeping The Brand Alive

Thanks to the unique relationship with Beneteau, the Jeanneau team have managed to keep their style independence from Group Beneteau, enjoying great customer brand loyalty that’s often only associated with a much smaller boat manufacturer within the marine industry

Jeanneau 57 Yacht

The Flagship Yacht

The 53, 57 and the 64 Yachts are the flagships of the yacht range. Being graceful offshore globetrotting cruising yachts, they feature timeless interiors and are designed to provide a remarkable sailing experience at every level imaginable.


Sunfast 32 and 36, are cutting edge specialist racinJeanneau Sun Fast past lighthouseg yachts. Sunfast Yachts are produced in order to provide competitive yachtsmen and women with leading technological developments normally unaffordable to most individuals.

The original  Sunfast range was first introduced almost 20 years ago. In recent years the Sun Odyssey performance versions of the Sun Odyssey cruising yachts replaced the original Sunfast yacht line.

Jeanneau have now reintroduced a racing Sunfast Yacht Range. Sunfast Yachts will continue offering great performance and uphold the racing legacy created by the early Sunfast Yachts.

Motor Boats

A choice of inboard and outboard engines are found in the Motor Boat range, starting with the Cap Camarat 4.7cc sports boat though to the mighty Velasco 43F. Jeanneau Motor Boats have been built within the principle of combining style with practicality for over three decades. An entry level a Cap Camarat 4.7 CC ( Centre Cockpit) sports motor boat allows the user much needed flexibility in launching, handling and recovery that only a lightweight sports boat can offer.  Where as market leading Merry Fisher Motor Boats,  often considered to be the “4×4 of the ocean” having both a fishing and comfort version available in the range.


 Valasco 43 aerial fastThe Velasco and NC (New Concept) range, are technologically unique and elegantly designed Motor Yachts, creating an unparalleled vision from the saloon. The Jeanneau NC range was conceived with transparency and space at the fore front of the design requirements.

A justified reward to this new approach to motor boating the NC11 has already won the prestigious Motor Boat of the Year award, confirming that the NC9 and NC11 are in design market-leading motor boats.


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